Structural botany, physiology and biochemistry of plants

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The influence of rootstock on the growth and development of the shoot part yearlings saplings pear

The paper presents the results of studying the influence of five local rootstocks differing life form and degree of development of the tissues of the stem, on the growth and development of the cane part yearlings pears.

Improving the efficiency of Allium regelianum A. Becker clonal micropropagation

An effective protocol for clonal micropropagation of Allium regelianum was optimized, including three following steps. In the first step bulbs-donors of explants were obtained from ripe seeds; in the second step – propagation under effects of exogenous cytokinins; and in the third step – final bulblets formation on the hormone-free medium. The second and the third steps may be repeated more than once. The importance of apex destruction for micropropagation was demonstrated.

Features of the development of root system spring wheat seedlings

Some features of the development of the root system of spring wheat seedlings were studied. Varietal differences in the length of the main embryonic root length of the zone division and extension have been installed. The study can be used in practical plant breeding.

The comparative characteristic of growth and development of some varieties spring wheat seedlings

The article presents a comparative description of the growth and development of seedlings of some varieties of spring wheat. To study the growth and development of seedlings used indicators such as the mass of the root system, the mass shoot, the root-maintenance. The results can be used in practical breeding.

Specific features of pigment distribution on spring wheat metamers

Studied the content of pigments and their distribution in seedlings of spring wheat in rainfed conditions. Changes in the quality and quantity of pigments in the zones of the body indicate the specificity of their growth activity. Comparative analysis of different pigments metameres suggests different physiological maturity subsystems each metamer.

Microevolution of elements productivity of shoot spring soft wheat of the saratov selection

The structure of elements of efficiency of runaway of summer soft wheat of the different grades created from the beginning of the XX-th century is analysed. Various tendencies in development of length of a stalk, number of spikelets and kernels an ear, weight kernels are revealed.

Sclerenchyma development in some species of trees of Rosaceae

Some features of the anatomic organisation of annual runaway of some kinds from family Rosaceae are studied. The comparative analysis of sclerenchyma development (quantity of groups of fibres in a bark, number of cells in group) is presented.

Integration of morphogenesis of shoot and root system of seedlings of wheat

The article studies the features of morphogenesis of wheat seedlings, the maintenance of pigments of photosynthesis at presence and absence of light, as well as at the removal of the main and additional germinal roots and shoot.

Cultivar features of morphogenesis of winter rye seedlings

The article analyses the adjusting to the temperature fluctuations of the shoot and root system of seedlings of the winter rye in terms of biomass gain. The most substantial biomass gain is found in shoots of seedlings. It is stated that the rate of root/shoot supply of rye seedlings depends on temperature. At lower temperatures the root supply rate increases. Rye cultivars differ in terms of length of growth zone of germinal roots.

Anatomy of the stalk of shoot Populus nervirubens Alb.

The anatomy of a stalk of annual runaway Populus nervirubens Alb was studied. Specific features of anatomy of a core, xylem and phloem a poplar are established. It is revealed two types of cages in the centre of a core and variety of cages in a zone adjoining with xylem. Sieve elements phloem have a kernel. Presence of cytoplasm, kernels and a time of a cellular wall in phloem fibres and sklereid is noted. Fibres settle down groups with various number of separate fibres in groups. Between fibres presence intercellular space is revealed.