Structural botany, physiology and biochemistry of plants

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Influence of the microorganisms allocated from gaul Cuscuta campestris Yunck. and larvae sort Smicronyx Schönh., on vegetative tests-objects

For the first time results of influence of the microorganisms allocated from gaul Cuscuta campestris Yunck. at defeats weevil and larvae of bugs from sort Smicronyx Schönh. are submitted, by means of vegetative tests- objects.

Morfologo-anatomic aspects of development internodes and nodesof phytomersof shoot wheat

The description and parametres of development of cellsintemodes and nodes the fifth phytomer of shootof spring wheat is presented. Phytomerous distinctions intemodes a stem on length, a thickness of a wall, diameter of a pith are established. In ontogeny shootwheat the natural sequence of development of mechanical, vascular and epidermaltissuesinternode a stem is observed.

Morphogenetic variability of the organization of structure of the leaf at damage various gaul the inducing organisms

Investigated features of variability of the structural organization of leaves of wood plants at damage by their gaul the inducing invertebrates.

The structure mesophyll of the plate leaves of wheat

A variety of spending bunches of a plate of leaves is noted. Two facings had some bunches. In cells of an external facing are noted хлоропласты. Cells of an internal facing are presented by fibres sclerenchyma, having a kernel and plasmodesms. In mesophylle plates of leaves it is allocated 11 type cells. In the top leaves a variety of types of cells decreases, and the share of cells with the expressed meshy form increases.

Features of morphogeny of structural elements of immature embryos of lines wheat, cultivated in vitro

The paper presents the results of a study of the structural elements of morphogenesis of immature embryos of two nursing wheat lines cultured in vitro on agar medium containing lipopolysaccharide.

Influence of spectral structure of light on development kernel of summer soft wheat

Experimental data on influence of light of various quality on formation kernels wheat during the period embryogenesis are resulted. Linear parametres of development of separate structures kernel in various conditions of vegetation of plants are established.

Cultivare features of development of envelopes kernel of the winter wheat

Experimental data on a thickness of envelope kernels in different years of vegetation of plants, to parametres and dynamics of development of cross cells pericarp seeds of grades of a winter wheat are resulted.

Influence of osmotic stress on wheat seedlings development

The growth reaction and pigments amount in wheat seedlingsunder water deficit modeling osmotic stress was studied. An environmental increasing of osmotic stress is an inductor of pigment systems changes. The pigment systems sensitivity depends on the type of pigments. The data observed in the experiment can be useful for early diagnosticpotential resistancevarieties to water deficit.


Application of rhizobacteria for increase in the efficiency of the spring soft wheat cultivation

The data on the effect of the pre-sowing treatment with bacteria Azospirillum brasilense on grain yield and quality of spring soft wheat plants are given. The results obtained show a positive effect of rhizobacteria on yield under stress conditions of vegetation, with pre-sowing does not adversely affect the quality of the grain.

Metameasured principle of system of regulation efficiency of wheat

Features ontogeny wheat and existing hypotheses of integrity of a plant are considered. It is offered new to the concept of system of regulation of efficiency of wheat on the basis of autonomy formation metameres runaway and a special role sclerenchymes in a plant life.