Notes to Authors


Notes to authors, submitting articles for publication in the journal Bulletin of Botanical garden of Saratov State University

Articles are taken constantly. Publication frequency is 4 times a year.

The on-line version of the journal is placed on e-laibrary (contract № 106-03/2015 dated 02.03.2015). The materials will be included in Russian Science Citation Index . Since 2017 January 1 every article have Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Requirements for execution of articles

The article should be carefully formatted and edited.

The general order of arrangement of article sections

  1. Universal decimal classification (UDC)
  2. Title on Russian
  3. Author’s initials, last name on Russian
  4. The name of organization, address,e-mail
  5. Abstract on Russian
  6. Key words on Russian
  7. Title on English
  8. Author’s initials, last name on English
  9. Abstract on English
  10. Key words on English
  11. Text (experimental articles must have sections: Introduction (without title), Materials and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusions )
  12. References

Article submission guidelines

Margins: top margin – 2 sm, tail margin – 2 sm, left – 3 sm, right – 1,5 sm. The text should be submitted in MS Word for Windows format, one-and-a-half  interval, Times New Roman font; the main text size – 14 points, Latin names of plants genus and specious with italicizing, page width adjustment; indent the first line – 1,25. Decimals are separated by dots.

Figures and photographs must have signatures and symbols. All lines and points in the figures should be clearly visible, and when decreasing, they should not merge.

If abbreviations are used in the text (except generally accepted), it is necessary to give them a decoding (in the text or in the notes).

References are obligatory and given in the text in parentheses (surname, year). Links to unpublished works are not allowed.

The article should indicate the sources of the Latin names of plants.

Example of an article

UDC 581.8 [size 12, base font]


[size 14, base font, centre alignment, upper-case]

[blank string, size 14]

D.R. Sokolov, A.V. Semakin

[Initials before the surname, size 12, medium-faced, centre alignment]

Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 197376 St. Petersburg,

Prof. Popov street;

[size 12, italics, centre alignment]

[blank string, size 14]

Abstract [size 12, base font, at least 250 words]

[blank string, size 14]

Key words: [size 12, base font, not more than 15 words]

[blank string, size 14]

Article title [on English, size 12, base font]

[blank string, size 14]

Initials, last name [ on English, size 12, base font]

[blank string, size 14]

Abstract [on English, size 12, base font]

Key words: [size 12, base font, not more than 15 words]

[blank string, size 14]

Text ……..(Grossheim, 1940). [size 14, base font]. The literature is quoted in parentheses, indicating the author's surname and the year of publication

[blank string, size 14]

Materials and methods

[size 14, medium-faced, centre alignment]

Text……. [size 14, base font]

[blank string, size 14]

Results and discussion

[size 14, medium-faced, centre alignment]​

Text ……………………..(fig. 1) [size 14, base font]

[The figure is inserted after the link to it. The name is placed under the figure, size 12, base font, centre alignment, if the figure is one, then it is not numbered]


[blank string, size 14]

Text …(tab. 1) [size 14, base font]


[blank string, size 14]

Table 1

 Name of the table

[The table is inserted after a reference to it. The name of the table precedes it, size 12, medium-faced, center alignment; If the table is one, then it is not numbered]

Text……. [size 14, base font]

 [blank string, size 14]


[blank string, size 14]


[size 12, italics, centre alignment]

[blank string, size 14]

References….. [size 12, base font]

[blank string, size 14]


When recruiting a list of references, the following procedure should be followed. Please do not forget to mention the publisher in references to books and chapters from books or monographs.

For monographs:

Маевский П. Ф. Флора средней полосы европейской части России. Изд. 11-е, испр. и доп. М.: КМК, 2006. 600 с.

Лозина-Лозинская А. С. Rumex // Флора СССР. Т. 5 / под ред. В. Л. Комарова. М.; Л.: Изд-во АН СССР, 1936. С. 444–482.

Еленевский А.Г., Буланый Ю.И., Радыгина В.И. Конспект флоры Саратовской области. Саратов: Наука, 2008. 232 с.

Международный кодекс ботанической номенклатуры (Токийский кодекс) / Пер. с англ. СПб.: Наука и техника, 1996. 191 с.

Cronquist A. The evolution and classification of flowering plants. 2 nd ed. N.-Y.: Science publishers, 1988. 555 p.

For journals:

Гусев Ю. Д. Обзор рода Amaranthus L. в СССР // Бот. журн. 1972. Т. 57, № 5. С. 457-464.

Inamdar I.A., Murty G.S. Vein-endings of some Solanaceae // Proc. Ind. Acad. Sci. 1981. Vol. 90, № 1. Р. 33-56.

For collected papers,  proceedings :

Аверьянов Л. В. Сем. Orchidaceae Juss. – Орхидные, или Ятрышниковые // Флора средней полосы европейской части России. М.: КМК, 2006. С. 162–174.

Ахметова А. Ш. Культивирование зародышей тюльпанов in vitro // Биология клеток растений in vitro и биотехнология: тез. IX межд. конф. М.: ИД ФБК–ПРЕСС, 2008. С. 8–9.

The authors bear responsibility for the correctness and completeness of the bibliographic data.

The editorial board urges you to strictly adhere to the article submission guidelines.  Articles that are not complied with the article submission guidelines will be sent back for revision or will be rejected.

The electronic version of the article in Word format is sent to the e-mail address: The subject of the message should indicate the preferred heading.

Payment for publication is 150 rubles per page. The payment receipt  must be scanned and sent to the e-mail address with the text of the article.

After publication of the article, one copy of the bulletin is issued or sent to the author. In case of rejection of the article, the editorial board returns the article and money to the author.

Payment for publication must be made by postal order to the address: 410010, Saratov, Navashina str., Botanical Garden of Saratov State University,  to the Executive Secretary Kritskaya Tatyana , phone: (845-2) 64-71-20.