Review procedure

The manuscript corresponding to the subject of the journal, when received by the editorial board, is registered and sent to external review by the reviewers.When submitting materials, the authors have the right to indicate the names of colleagues with whom they have a conflict of interest.If there are any comments, the manuscript is sent to the author by e-mail for revision.

The author must return the revised manuscript to the editor by e-mail with a reply to the comments of the reviewer not later than 3 months after receiving the review.In case the author does not return the manuscript to the editorial office after this period, the original date of its registration is canceled. The date of receipt is the day the editorial board receives the final version of the article.

The decision to publish is taken by the editorial board of the journal after the review, taking into account the scientific significance and novelty of the materials submitted.If the article is rejected, the editorial board sends a notification to the author.