The introduction of plants and botanical resource research

Reproduction of the rare endemic species Oxytropis hippolyti Boriss. (Fabaceae) by means of seedling under the conditions of introduction

The article presents the data on seed reproduction by means of seedling of a rare endemic species Oxytropis hippolyti Boriss. in the Botanical garden (Ufa).

Study of introduction of the plants of the genus Paeonia L. in the Botanical Garden, UFA

The article summarizes the results of many years of introduction work of scientists of the Republic of Bashkortostan with a generic complex of Paeonia L. The paper describes the most decorative taxons from the collection of the Botanical Garden-Institute of Ufa Scientific Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, that are promising for planting in Central Russia.

The study of seed productivity of Allium hymenorhizum Ledeb. (Alliaceae) in culture in the Republic of Bashkortostan

The article describes the seed productivity of rare relict spe-cies Allium hymenorhizum (Alliaceae) in culture in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The potential possibilities of seeds formation are realized on 17,7–40,1 %. The correlation between the basic parameters of seed productivity and the year of obtaining seeds and the origin of the sample is established.

The perspectives of introduction of Viskaria vulgaris Bernh. in the Lower Volga region

The article presents the results of the study of the adaptation features of Viscaria vulgaris Bernh. (Caryophyllaceae) introduced in the Lower Volga region. The study examines: the seasonal rhythm of the plant development, biomorphological parameters of the plant as a whole and its fruits. The genus introduction capacity was evaluated using the seven-point scale. It was found that Viskaria vulgaris Bernh. is promising for planting under in the Lower Volga region.

Features of seed germination of two species Agastache (Lamiaceae Lindl.) under laboratory conditions

The article presents the results of the laboratory experiments on seed germination of two species of the genus Agastache J. Clayton ex Gronov. obtained from the collection of plants in the Botanical garden of the Saratov State University.


Winter-hardy varieties of roses of hybrid tea group

The paper presents the results of several years of observation meant to identify the most resistant winter-hardy varieties of roses of various garden groups for successful cultivation in Saratov.

Introduction of narcissi in the Komi Republic

Collection of the Botanical Garden includes numerous cultivars of garden narcissus (93) and one natural species, Narcissus poёticus L. The plants are studied in terms of morphological and biological properties, resilience, and ornamental properties. The majority of narcissi are promising to be grown in the taiga zone of the Komi Republic.

Phytocenoses Gratíola officinális L., productivity and its inventories of raw materials in the islands Chardymskogo r. Volga Saratov region

Gratíola officinális L. – new promising herb for the pharmaceutical industry. Abstract phytocenoses Gratíola officinális and assess yields and stocks of its raw materials on the island Chardymskogo p. Volga region of Saratov. The average number of species in a community phytocenosis − 17. In the studied phytocenosis dominate Galium album and Carex cespitosa var. Minuta L. The average value of the yield on the areas of accounting 143.5 ± 42.3%; industrial supply of raw materials − 959.4 g; the volume of possible annual harvesting − 191.9 g. 

The effect of extract (Sedum telephium L.) and dioksidin on polytene chromosomes of chironomids of Glyptotendipes glaucus MG.

By analyzing changes in the functional activity of the polytene chromosomes of the chironomids the reaction of genetic material under the action of the extract of Sedum telephium L. and dioxydine was ihvestigated. It is established that dioxydine in the acute phase improves the functional activity of polytene chromosomes stronger than the extract of Sedum: the values of the coefficient ring of Balbiani (has also increased in control – 1.87, under the action of dioxydine – 2.15, under the action of extracts of Sedum telephium L.

Practice in breeding ornamentel shrubs in the Botanical garden of SSU

It has been studied reproduction of propagation some ornamental shrubs by semilignified cuttings in the experimental nursery the Educational Centre "Botanical Garden" of SSU. It was found that all studied species of ornamental shrubs growing in the Botanical Gardens, can reproduce of semilignified cuttings. The duration of the period of root formation varied between 23 to 37 days. The number of rooted cuttings from the bulk of the species was from 8.6 to 49%.