Features distribution of plants in wheat agropopulation on classes of the variation of elements efficiency of the ear

Vegetation conditions essentially affect distribution of plants in agropopulation of durum wheat on classes of a variation number of spikelets, quantities kernels an  ear and their weight. Among cultivars of the Saratov selection in the conditions of extreme year on agroclimatic conditions it is characteristic various number of plants: to age–old cultivars – the small classes, to new cultivars – the big classes of a variation. Favorable agroclimatic conditions raise number of the plants carried to higher classes of a variation of elements of efficiency of an ear.

Structure of elements productivity introgression cultivarsand lines of spring soft wheat of the Saratov selection

Within two years differing on weather conditions, the structure of a crop of spring soft wheat was studied. Comparison introgression grades and lines with genetically homogeneous grades has shown their approximate similarity on number of lateral shoot. The length of a stalk made on years of vegetation of plants from 469 to 605 mm, length of an ear − from 63 to 90 mm. The share of an ear from length of shoot varied from 10.9 to 14.6 %. The number of cones of an ear on the average for 2 years of studying made from 12.4 to 14.4 pieces.