On species identification of Delphinium (Ranunculaceae) herbarium specimens gathered in the Lower Volga region and the adjacent territories

The article is concerned with the difficulties of species identification of the Delphinium (Ranunculaceae) herbarium specimens gathered in the Lower Volga region (Astrakhan, Volgograd and Saratov oblasts) and the adjacent regions (Penza, Samara, Tambov and Ulyanovsk oblasts and the Republic of Mordovia). The specimens from a number of herbaria (MW, LE, SARAT, SARBG, GMU, PVB) are subject to the research. It is revealed that their classification is problematic due to the absence of clear-cut classifying morphological parameters.

Winter hardiness of representatives of Hydrangea L. genus Botanical garten-institute of Ufa

The results of many years observations on winter hardiness of 19 introduced species and cultivars of Hydrangea L. in collection of Botanical Garden - Institute are presented in the paper. It is determined that 14 taxons are characterized by high winter hardiness and may be successfully used in landscaping under the conditions of Bashkir Cis-Urals (Ufa).

Introduction Mahonia aquifolia (Pursh) Nutt in Saratov region and prospect of using in the gartedening

Are resulted biological and ecological features of Mahonia aquifolia. Are revealed peculiarities of growth rhythms of development, viability and prospects of species in the Saratov.

Introduction of narcissi in the Komi Republic

Collection of the Botanical Garden includes numerous cultivars of garden narcissus (93) and one natural species, Narcissus poёticus L. The plants are studied in terms of morphological and biological properties, resilience, and ornamental properties. The majority of narcissi are promising to be grown in the taiga zone of the Komi Republic.