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The Populus nervirubens Alb. sclerenchyma: genesis of cells

The paper presents a brief overview of information on the Genesis of plant sclerenchyma cells, indicating the role of leaves and lateral buds in the induction of their differentiation, some phytohormones, the position of cells in the body. For anatomical studies, samples of the stem and trunk of Populus nervirubens Alb. were used different age: one and seven years. In stem annual escape poplar cells sklerenhima presented extradinarily fibers and sclereids located generally solitary cow in the parenchyma under phelloderma or near the fibers.


The paper presents a brief overview of information on the polymorphism of cells sklerenhimy plants, indicating inconsistency of the existing views. The accepted judgment that the cells of the sclerenchyma in most cases deprived of living protoplasts, is now refuted. In some of them revealed from one to 175 nuclei, numerous mitochondria, vacuoles and other organelles.

Metameasured principle of system of regulation efficiency of wheat

Features ontogeny wheat and existing hypotheses of integrity of a plant are considered. It is offered new to the concept of system of regulation of efficiency of wheat on the basis of autonomy formation metameres runaway and a special role sclerenchymes in a plant life.

Sclerenchyma development in some species of trees of Rosaceae

Some features of the anatomic organisation of annual runaway of some kinds from family Rosaceae are studied. The comparative analysis of sclerenchyma development (quantity of groups of fibres in a bark, number of cells in group) is presented.

Anatomy of the stalk of shoot Populus nervirubens Alb.

The anatomy of a stalk of annual runaway Populus nervirubens Alb was studied. Specific features of anatomy of a core, xylem and phloem a poplar are established. It is revealed two types of cages in the centre of a core and variety of cages in a zone adjoining with xylem. Sieve elements phloem have a kernel. Presence of cytoplasm, kernels and a time of a cellular wall in phloem fibres and sklereid is noted. Fibres settle down groups with various number of separate fibres in groups. Between fibres presence intercellular space is revealed.