прорастание семян

Features of germination of seeds of the bennet aleppsky in vitro

It is established that bennet seeds keep ability to germination within 6,5 years. After a bookmark on seeds start to sprout on the average in 8 days (fresh faster,      old more slowly). Term of the account of energy of germination should be accepted  for 3 days. Duration of germination fluctuates from 3 days (at fresh seeds) to 50 (at old). Energy of germination and germination are maximum (100 %) at fresh seeds. Gradually decreasing with increase in a period of storage in 4,5 years vigor of germination, and later 7,5 years and germination vanishes.

To germination of seeds of carrots wild (Daucus carrota L.)

Results of laboratory researches of features of germination of seeds of carrots wild, collected in the nature in 1989 and gathering with collection plants with 1994  for 2009 are resulted.

Features of germination of seeds of the Sсutellaria baicalensis

Features of germination of seeds Scutellaria baicalensis are studied at influence of the lowered temperatures (5–10 °С) and in room conditions (22–25 °С, natural illumination). Investigated germination of seeds depending on: month of harvesting; a period of storage of seeds; month of a bookmark of seeds on germination. Are established: term of the account of energy of germination, energy of germination and germinating ability seeds.

Features of germination of seeds Salvia verticillata L. in vitro

Results of laboratory researches of features of germination of seeds of Salvia verticillata, collected in the collection plants.

Features of seed germination of Salvia tesquicola Klok. & Pobed in vitro

Results the data of laboratory studies of seed germination characteristics of Salvia tesquicola. Seeds was taken from collectional plants. Was found that the seeds germinated very slowly, meaning of germination was low and amounted the 22-24% for seeds from one to 6.5 years storage. With increasing of storage time to 8,5 years the meaning of germination reduced to 1%, and further seeds losed their ability to germinate. Seeds germinated in 5 days. The duration of the germination average was 6 days. Seed treatment by oxygen produced no results.

Features seed germination of Nepeta cataria L. var. citriodora Beck. in vitro

There are energy of germination and seed germination of N. cataria L. var. citriodora Beck. determined. There is influence of the retention period, of the weather of growing season, of the lower temperatures, of the augmentor studied.

Characteristics of reproductive features Hedysarum grandiflorum (Fabaceae) in southern of the Volga Uplands

In field seasons 2007–2014 studies have been conducted reproductive scope Hedysarum grandiflorum which grows in the southern of the Volga Upland within the administrative borders of the Saratov region. The features, variability and the plasticity of phytocoenotic external morphological characters of pollen, fruits and seeds of sweetvetch are studied. Potential and real seed productivity are identified. The optimal temperature of sprouting of seeds and the dependence of sprouting and energy of sprouting of seeds from the keeping period are detected.