Hypericum perforatum

Changeability and flexibility of some morphological parameters Hypericum perforatum (using the example of the Right-bank area of Saratov region)

The habitat conditions have a considerable influence on habitus of individuals. The most parameters of morfogenesis are flexible (plastic) enough. The Fertility of individuals reduces in the most xerophitic places. In the anthropogenic-tranfomed, upland habitats and in the forests the changeability of the most morphological parameters are less than in the steppers.

Morphological and biological characteristics of seeds Hypericum perforatum and H. maculatum crantz growing in the north

The results of the introduction in the North of the valuable medicinal plants – Hypericum perforatum and H. maculatum are presented. During the cultivation rhythms of growth and seasonal plant development were studied. It has been revealed that both types of plants from the second year of life regularly undergo a complete cycle of development of shoots and form seeds of full value. The quality of sowing seeds collected from plants in different years of life, weight of 1000 pieces, their size, laboratory germination have been studied in detail.