clonal micropropagation

Improving the efficiency of Allium regelianum A. Becker clonal micropropagation

An effective protocol for clonal micropropagation of Allium regelianum was optimized, including three following steps. In the first step bulbs-donors of explants were obtained from ripe seeds; in the second step – propagation under effects of exogenous cytokinins; and in the third step – final bulblets formation on the hormone-free medium. The second and the third steps may be repeated more than once. The importance of apex destruction for micropropagation was demonstrated.

Features of the introduction of two Tamarix species to the culture in vitro

The parameters for introduction in in vitro culture of Tamatix laxa and T. ramosissima, including sterilization method, mineral and hormonal composition of the medium used, are defined. It is proved that the most efficient method of sterilization (the percentage of viable explants is over 60%) is the treatment with soap solution, 70% ethanol, 10% Belizna detergent, 5% solution of Lizoformin-2000 detergent and subsequent washing with sterile distilled water three times. The lower concentration of sterilizing agents improves the material sterilization.