Adonis wolgensis

The research of the apomictic reproduction ability Trollius europaeus L., Adonis wolgensis Stev ex Dc and Anemonoides ranunculoides Holub. (Ranunculaceae)

During cytoembryological investigation of Toillius europaeus L., Adonis wolgensis Stev. and Anemoides ranunculoides (Ranunculaceae) the features of game- tophyte apomixis was found for the first time. The proporcion of ovules with the features of gametophyte apomixis was maked 16,32±6.12 in Trollius europaeus population, 5.82 ±1.82 in Adonis wolgensis population, 3.22 ±1.13% in Anemoides ranunculoides population.

The status of the population Adonis wolgensis in the Saratov region

Studied two cenopopulation Adonis wolgensis Stev. ex DC. from Marx and Pug-achev districts of the Saratov region. The measured morphological characteristics of the individuals, defined: variability, spatial structure and ontogenetic range of populations, type of populations on the criterion of «Δ – ω».