Volga Upland

Flora of man-made forests in the southern Volga upland

Data on the flora of man -made forests in the southern Volga Upland is presented. It is stated that in this type of anthropogenic habitats there are not fewer than 601 species of vascular plants. Various taxonomic and typological elements of the flora of the region in question are examined in terms of tolerance to the man-made forests. Protected species of vascular plants found in this type of anthropogenic biotopes are listed.

Characteristics of reproductive features Hedysarum grandiflorum (Fabaceae) in southern of the Volga Uplands

In field seasons 2007–2014 studies have been conducted reproductive scope Hedysarum grandiflorum which grows in the southern of the Volga Upland within the administrative borders of the Saratov region. The features, variability and the plasticity of phytocoenotic external morphological characters of pollen, fruits and seeds of sweetvetch are studied. Potential and real seed productivity are identified. The optimal temperature of sprouting of seeds and the dependence of sprouting and energy of sprouting of seeds from the keeping period are detected.