Syntaxonomic position of phytocenoses with participation of Hedysarum grandiflorum Pall. in the Southern part of Volga upland

Studied in detail of 23 phytocenoses with the participation of Hedysarum grandiflorum Pall., located in the southern part of the Volga Upland in the administrative borders of the Saratov region. The study was conducted in 2007 – 2018. It was laid more than 600 accounting platforms. A phytocenotic diversity of communities with participation of H. grandiflorum in the southern part of Volga Upland. The studied phytocenoses are confined to the communities of petrophytic and fescue-feather-grass steppes. Three unranked communities have been identified.

The diversity of the steppes of the Southern part of the Right bank of Saratov region

The features of the steppe vegetation in the southern part of the right bank of Saratov region. Studied and described the types of steppes and variations found on the site, showing their floristic composition and cenoticheskoe variety.