seed reproduction

Introduction and reproduction of the genus Heuchera in Bashkortostan

Work is devoted to the study of phenological rhythm and seed breeding six species Heuchera L. It is shown that the highest percentage of germination was observed in H. pubescens, H. rubescens – by 80% and H. villosa – 70%, the lowest – in H. chlo-rantha – 6%. The positive responsiveness H. chlorantha, H. parvifolia, H. pubescens, H. villosa processing plant growth regulators.

Reproduction of the rare endemic species Oxytropis hippolyti Boriss. (Fabaceae) by means of seedling under the conditions of introduction

The article presents the data on seed reproduction by means of seedling of a rare endemic species Oxytropis hippolyti Boriss. in the Botanical garden (Ufa).