Scutellaria baicalensis

Features of germination of seeds of the Sсutellaria baicalensis

Features of germination of seeds Scutellaria baicalensis are studied at influence of the lowered temperatures (5–10 °С) and in room conditions (22–25 °С, natural illumination). Investigated germination of seeds depending on: month of harvesting; a period of storage of seeds; month of a bookmark of seeds on germination. Are established: term of the account of energy of germination, energy of germination and germinating ability seeds.

Introduction to in vitro culture of Scutellaria baicalensis

The article presents the initial stages of propagation in vitro of medicinal plant species of Scutellaria baicalensis. The scheme of disinfection of seeds, allowing to obtain 67,2% of viable explants, is proposed. The nutrient medium that allows for shoot formation with the ratio of multiplication at 10,2, was selected.