regime of flowering

The peculiarities of seeded reprodaction of some species of Salicaceae family

During the cytoembriological investigation and the research of seed productivity of the species of Sаlicaceae family, growing in the different areas of Saratov region  the ability of gametophyte apomixic was found out in 5 populations of 5 species of willows. This way of seeded reproduction of Sаlicaceae family was noticed for the first time.

The distribution of gametophytic apomixis among the Asteraceae spesies from European part of Russia

In a course of investigation of seed productivity under the pollenless regime of flowering and cytogenetic investigation in 250 natural populations of 167 species of 62 the Asteraceae genera from European part of Russia gametophytic apomixis has been discovered in populations of 37 species from 20 genera. For the first time this mode of reproduction has been revealed in 26 species from 10  genera.