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As objects of research were used plants of winter rye at the time of flowering samples collected from nursery trials control scientific research Institute of agriculture of the South-East: district grade – Talovskaya 41, Radon, Snezana, Bezenchukskaya 87, Memory Kunakbaeva, Chulpan 7, Roxana; Saratov (scientific research Institute of agriculture of the South-East) – Elishaevskaj, Volzhanka, Saratov 7, Marusen’ka, Memory Babicheva, Sunshine. The length of the leaf blade and vagina and the leaf blade area were determined.

Structure and the maintenance of pigments of photosynthesis in the plate of leaves of wheat

Features in the maintenance of pigments of various groups (chlorophyll а and chlorophyll b, carotenoids), as well as parities between them in the leaves of wheat belonging to different phytomerous of shoot are established. The minimum or maximum maintenance of chlorophyll and carotenoids can be observed in various leaves that depends on conditions of vegetation of plants.

Morfologo-anatomic aspects of development internodes and nodesof phytomersof shoot wheat

The description and parametres of development of cellsintemodes and nodes the fifth phytomer of shootof spring wheat is presented. Phytomerous distinctions intemodes a stem on length, a thickness of a wall, diameter of a pith are established. In ontogeny shootwheat the natural sequence of development of mechanical, vascular and epidermaltissuesinternode a stem is observed.