phenological phases

Features fenoritma Althaea officinalis l. in the Botanical garden SSU

The results of phenological observations of plant collectors marshmallow in a botanical garden of introduction section of Saratov State University. According to the results of 26-years of follow-calculated the average date of occurrence of phenological phases for the city of Saratov.

The perspectives of introduction of Viskaria vulgaris Bernh. in the Lower Volga region

The article presents the results of the study of the adaptation features of Viscaria vulgaris Bernh. (Caryophyllaceae) introduced in the Lower Volga region. The study examines: the seasonal rhythm of the plant development, biomorphological parameters of the plant as a whole and its fruits. The genus introduction capacity was evaluated using the seven-point scale. It was found that Viskaria vulgaris Bernh. is promising for planting under in the Lower Volga region.