Duration of preservation of maize seed viability – an initial material by selection on parthenogenesis

Maize seeds using for selection on parthenogenesis, it is possible to store within 5–7 years in paper packages in usual laboratory conditions with preservation of germination that is sufficient достаточный for reproduction and even for carrying out of scientific and applied works. Different lines and hybrids could differ essentially among percent of germination. Seed germination after 10 years storage is not observed.

Apomictic species in genus Hierochloё R. Br.

The article is dedicated to cytoembryology investigation of two cereals species: HierochO glabra (two populations from Kamchatka) and H. repens (one population from Lower Volga region). The plants of these populations are characterized by high frequency of ovules with few (2-4) megagametophytes (5,7; 8,6 и 25%, respectively). This point to the apoarhespory - development of unreduced embryo sacs from somatic nucellus cells.