Duration of preservation of maize seed viability – an initial material by selection on parthenogenesis

Maize seeds using for selection on parthenogenesis, it is possible to store within 5–7 years in paper packages in usual laboratory conditions with preservation of germination that is sufficient достаточный for reproduction and even for carrying out of scientific and applied works. Different lines and hybrids could differ essentially among percent of germination. Seed germination after 10 years storage is not observed.

Cytoembryological studying of triploid plants of maize

Structure peculiarity of embryo sacs and pollen of hybrid triploid plants in maize was investigated. It is shown first of all that triploid level of the studied plants is the bottom of abnormal gametophytes development. It is supposed that some specific changes can be caused by present of the parthenogenetic line AT-1 genome. This line was used as a pollinator by triploid plants creating.

Mature embryo culture diploid and tetraploid forms of maize

The results of the culture of mature embryos of diploid and tetraploid forms of maize are presented. The 9 variants of culture medium with different amounts of 2,4-D and sucrose are tested. The possibility of creating morphogenic callus strains from donors with a predisposition to parthenogenesis in vivo.