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Features distribution of plants in wheat agropopulation on classes of the variation of elements efficiency of the ear

Vegetation conditions essentially affect distribution of plants in agropopulation of durum wheat on classes of a variation number of spikelets, quantities kernels an  ear and their weight. Among cultivars of the Saratov selection in the conditions of extreme year on agroclimatic conditions it is characteristic various number of plants: to age–old cultivars – the small classes, to new cultivars – the big classes of a variation. Favorable agroclimatic conditions raise number of the plants carried to higher classes of a variation of elements of efficiency of an ear.

The plant introduction of Phlox paniculata under the climatic condition of Lover Volga region

The advanced data are presented about shoot-forminq capacity of Phlox paniculata's cultivars, The observation of the growth, development and the persistence of Phlox paniculata's cultivars under the extremal hot vegetation condition of the year 2010 let to select the most stable cultivars.

Cultivare features of development of envelopes kernel of the winter wheat

Experimental data on a thickness of envelope kernels in different years of vegetation of plants, to parametres and dynamics of development of cross cells pericarp seeds of grades of a winter wheat are resulted.

Introduction of narcissi in the Komi Republic

Collection of the Botanical Garden includes numerous cultivars of garden narcissus (93) and one natural species, Narcissus poёticus L. The plants are studied in terms of morphological and biological properties, resilience, and ornamental properties. The majority of narcissi are promising to be grown in the taiga zone of the Komi Republic.