Vitality state cenopopulations of Hypericum perforatum in Saratov region

In this article authors write about the vital structure ofpopulations H. perforatum in the Saratov region. According to vitality of investigated cenopopulations most of them belong to prosperous type. Vitality of cenopopulations is retrogressing in the following range habitats: anthropogenic transformed - forest glades and forest edges - steppe -forest. On vital status of individuals influence weather conditions. The maximum decline in vitality occurred in populations of steppe habitats, and the minimum - on abandoned arable land, surrounded by forest plantations.

The status of the population Adonis wolgensis in the Saratov region

Studied two cenopopulation Adonis wolgensis Stev. ex DC. from Marx and Pug-achev districts of the Saratov region. The measured morphological characteristics of the individuals, defined: variability, spatial structure and ontogenetic range of populations, type of populations on the criterion of «Δ – ω».