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Viracheva L. L., Ivanovа L. А. INTRODUCTION OF ARECACEAE SCHULTZ-SCHULTZENSTEIN IN GREENHOUSES OF POLAR ALPINE BOTANICAL GARDEN. Izvestiya of Saratov University. New series. Series: Earth Sciences, 2018, vol. 16, iss. 1, pp. 25-?. DOI: 10.18500/1682-1637-2018-1-25-39




Palms occupy a leading place in the zonal assortment of potted plants of the tropical and subtropical flora of greenhouse growing of the Murmansk region. The article presents the results of the plant introduction of the Palm family (Arecaceae Schultz-schultzenstein) in the N. A. Avrorin Polar Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute, Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PABSI) stock greenhouses, located in the center of the Kola Peninsula at 680 north latitude. The climate of the region is determined mainly by its polar position, which creates unfavorable conditions for plant cultivation, both in open and protected ground. The conditions for growing plants in the greenhouses and the methods for conducting introductory experiments are described. In general, from 1934 to 2017 years. In PABSI, 26 species of the Arecaceae family have been tested. A species diversity of the family and life forms is presented, the taxonomic composition and duration of growing plants in collection funds. As of December 2017, living collections of Arecaceae family plants include 13 species from 9 genera of 4 subfamilies. The results of the geographical analysis of plants and the types of morphological structure of their vegetative sphere are presented. It is shown that palm trees grow in six different habitats, in the expositions of PABSI represent four floristic kingdoms. Most of the plants in the collection are in the vegetative phase. Of the 13 species of palm trees in the greenhouse, 6 bloom annually, 3 species bear fruit. The results of the successful palms cultivation possibility in the Arctic greenhouses are presented. The study of the ecological and biological features of the Arecaceae family introduced plants, the peculiarities of cultivation with respect to local conditions, contributed to the development of agricultural techniques for growing them in greenhouses and introduction into the culture. General and individual rules for the cultivation of different types of palm trees in greenhouses of the Arctic are proposed.


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