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Yudakova O. I., Kaybeleva E. I. Aposporiy in representatives of the genus Koeleria Pers.. Izvestiya of Saratov University. New series. Series: Earth Sciences, 2014, vol. 12, iss. 1, pp. 154-?.


Aposporiy in representatives of the genus Koeleria Pers.


The article presents the results of cytoembryological analysis of two cereal species: Koeleria cristata (L.) Pers. и K. sabuletorum (Domin) Klok. It was found that in the plants of both species many ovules (23 and 30%, respectively) contain from 2 to 5 megagametophytes. In the ovules the multiple embryo sacs were on the same or different development stage. In the nuccelus of some ovules near the embryo sac the big cells could also be observed. The morphology of these cells liked to initial cells of aposporous embryo sacs. The multiple mature megagametophytes contained three-cell egg apparatus, the central cell with two polar nuclei and 3–5 antipodes. Observed features allow establishing that K. cristata and K. sabuletorum are characterized by Poa (Hieracium)-type of apospory.


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