Floristics and plant protection

Astragalus stenoceras – a new aboriginal species of the flora of the middle part of Russia

The information about location the Astragalus stenoceras C.A.Mey. in the vicinity of Saratov is given.

Preliminary materials on the flora of abandoned irrigation canals

The article presents preliminary materials on the flora of abandoned irrigation canals of Engels district of Saratov region. It gives brief taxonomic, biomorphological, charted and ecological characterization of the flora of abandoned channels.

Neophytes of natural park «Kumisnaya polyana»

Reports on early results of the study neophytes of natural park «Kumisnaya polyana», located on the outskirts of the city of Saratov.

The location of Bulbocodium versicolor in Saratov region about

The article presents information on the location  Bulbocodium versicolor in the Saratov region (used literature data, the authors of their own fees and charges that are stored in the Herbarium SARBG and SARAT).

Picking up Salix pentandra l. in the Herbarium of the Botanical garden of Saratov State University (SARBG)

Instructions for picking up Salix pentandra L. that the herbarium of SARBG has are given in this article.

Family Chenopodiaceae in the «Summary of the Saratov region flora»

The comments and additions to the family Chenopodiaceae in the «Summary of the Saratov region flora» (2008) are provides.

Tolerance of vascular plants of the Southern volga upland environment of agrocenoses

Report the results of studying the flora of all the main types of agricultural lands in the southern Volga upland (in the Saratov region). Compares the received data with the flora of the region as a whole. Analyse the types of taxonomic and typological elements of the flora of this region is better or worse than presented in the territories occupied by agricultural lands.

To the problem of growth of Hierochloë odorata (L.) Wahl. (Poaceae) in Saratov region

The article presents information on the presence of Hierochloë odorata (L.) Wahl., Poaceae, in the Saratov region. The place of its growth in this region is described. The phenological and reproductive characteristics of studied population are given.

On identification of some species of flowering plants on the territory of the Saratov region

The objection is raised against the distortion by Bulany, Y. I. (2015) of the history of the study of vegetation in the Saratov region.

New localities of Selitrennoe larch on the territory of Central Russia

The article presents the data on three new localities of Selitrennoe larch (Nitrosalsola laricinum (Pallas) T. A. Feodorova), previously known to be present in the single point on the territory of Central Russia.